Welcome Mats

Simulate minimal homepages with fullscreen popups

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A welcome mat is quite similar to a traditional popup. But instead of displaying a lightbox window, welcome mats take over the whole screen.

So, when a visitor first happens across your site, they’re greeted by a fullscreen message, typically optimized with a prominent call-to-action.This leads to a much higher engagement and conversation rate.

Sumo; the creators of Welcome Mat, published a case study of Teachable (formerly Fedora) that increased daily webinar signups by 70%. And this makes sense, especially since recent research shows that minimal homepages are ideal for driving the maximum number of signups.

So, even if you want to keep a long-form landing page, you can simulate a minimal homepage with a welcome mat and drive signups easily.

Be careful with how you use Welcome Mats though. There is more to a website than conversion rates. Keep in mind that Welcome Mats can hurt your usability, bounce rate, visitors patience, time on page, ect.