Skyscraper Technique

Build quality links to your content

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Your competitors proven content

Your improved version

Link building can be complicated and time consuming, but the importance of high-quality links has never been higher to improve SEO.

One tactic to acquire links from other websites is the Skyscraper technique:

1 - Find relevant pieces of content with lots of backlinks. A simple Google search for your main key phrase will bring you the first content ideas. You can then use Ahref's Site Explorer to check which ones have generated the most backlinks.

2 - Publish on your website a greater piece of content than what is already out there (longer, more detailed, better presented). One that stands above all others in the same way as a skyscraper stands above everything else in a skyline.

3 - Reach out to all the websites that linked to the content you improved to promote your own piece. If it's really better, most websites will add your content or even replace the original one.