Last Comment Wins

Make your videos go viral with this live contest

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Last Comment Wins is an easy and effective way to make your marketing campaign or live show viral and engaging by using LiveReacting.

Last Comment Wins

How does this tactic works?

  • First of all, you launch a live stream on Facebook or YouTube. You can do it using LIveReacting's cloud-based streaming studio or integrate the "Last Comment Wins" template as a plugin into your streaming software (OBS, StreamYard, vMix, etc.)
  • You have a timer (for example, 120 seconds), counting down and resetting after every new comment, while the Facebook name and photo of 3 last commenters are displayed on screen. If no one comments over the last 120 seconds, the last comment wins, the game stops, and the winner is shown.
  • You can motivate your audience to comment by setting up a nice prize! You can put a photo/video of the prize right inside of the stream or drop a few lines about it in the description of your broadcast.

How does it get viral?

  • You receive a bunch of comments since people will often comment to stay the last and win.
  • People see their names and photos inside the live stream, which is quite compelling and exciting.
  • Once a user leaves a comment, his friends see it on their newsfeed and most likely join the live game. It produces a viral effect on your live video, and you can get way more views than followers on your page.