Gamified Free Trial Extension

Offer more free days for accomplishing key actions

Want more ideas to grow your online biz? Get the good stuff 1-2 times a month (you won't regret it!)

Invite a friend

5 free days

Set up an integration

2 free days

Add a mockup

3 free days

Add a credit card

10 free days

If people want to extend their free trial, you can give them a certain number of actions to do.

Ideally, you’d have these actions line up with accomplishing a key outcome in the product. For example inviting a colleague, setting up an integration or adding their credit card information.

Prodpad implemented this tactic. Users start their trial with 7 days free. But this number of days can increase almost immediately.

Entered the name of your product? 2 free days.

Added your first idea? 1 free day.

Getting an integration up and working is a bit more intensive, so 5 extra days for that.

They noticed that some users completed all the steps to unlock the maximum trial time of 28 days. Along the way, they’re essentially teaching themselves how to use ProdPad.

In turn, the probability of a new trial user turning into a paid customer is increasing too.