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I'm building a new mini startup this week...

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Too many companies write a single blog post about their product launch and declare their marketing efforts complete.

Take the opposite approach—get as many content out of a single new feature as you possibly can. Each content is a marketing opportunity to bring new customers into your product.

If you overcame a significant technical challenge in building your new feature, write a technical blog post and put it on Hacker News. If there were interesting usability issues you encountered and solved, pull back the curtain on the process, write a blog post about it, and put it on Designer News.

Each time you do this, you relaunch the product to a new audience who will read the post and then click through to sign up.

Plus, building in the open keeps you accountable, while helping you learn through your own observations. So share what you're doing regularly on social media, your blog, communities, and wherever else your crowd hangs out.